The date has been set and planning is underway for Xstream Cleanup, the Quad-Cities’ annual, volunteer-based cleanup of area waterways.

The cleanup will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015. Online registration will open at this Website by July 1.

Again this year, organizers are looking for new cleanup sites and encourage members of the community to make suggestions. If a site is dirty, litter-ridden or host to illegal dumping, we want to hear about it. To make a suggestion, send an e-mail to or call (563) 468-4218.


In 2015, Xstream Cleanup volunteers will receive BPA-free water bottles instead of event-themed T-shirts. Says event chair Curtis Lundy, “by providing reusable water bottles, we’re making a small but deliberate change. Our goal is to keep our hard-working volunteers hydrated without using cases of bottled water, which generate unnecessary trash. We also want to provide a meaningful token of gratitude. Ideally, each time our volunteers sip from an Xstream Cleanup water bottle, they will make the connection between the work they do and the quality of the water in our community. That’s what this event is all about.”


As Xstream Cleanup moves into its 12th year, we continue to focus on water quality and finding ways to make a difference in our community. As we strive to repair and improve our waterways, we've also expanded the types of activities included in the cleanup. Not only do our volunteers tend to litter and illegal dumping, but in the last several years they've taken on other tasks, too, including storm-drain marking, beautification, and removal of invasive species.

In 2015 Xstream Cleanup will continue and expand its work with invasive  plants.

Invasive plants spread aggressively, choking out native plants that provide food and homes for wildlife including birds, butterflies and beneficial insects. Native plants also prevent erosion, cleanse rainwater, and serve as a link to our natural history. In natural areas where native plants are able to thrive, it is vital to remove exotic, invasive plants.


Please visit our Sponsors Page to view the incredible list of sponsors. We can not thank them enough for making Xstream Cleanup possible year after year.


Xstream Cleanup 2015 will be the 12th annual Xstream Cleanup! Interested in learning more about past cleanups? You can learn about Xstream Cleanup history and view results from past Xstream Cleanup events. See photos from previous cleanups on our Flickr Page.

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There are several ways to stay involved with the health and quality of local waters throughout the year. Here are upcoming opportunities:

Invasive Species Removal Project: May 2015

Volunteer Service Day: June 6

Pollinator Conference: June 10-11